You see not only what is possible but what is possible now, even when things go sideways and frustration or even desperation is threatening. That present awareness that is naturally forward thinking sets you apart from those who judge themselves based on outcomes and then are limited by those self judgments and the resistance they create.

Having a systematic way to support and optimize that magical mindset both for you and for your teams can not only open things up to exciting change but also establish the feeling that the value is now, in the choices and engagement that happens today. That mindset lies at the heart of innovators and early adapters approach to business.

THE NEXT THING FOLLOWING PERSONAL GROWTH and personal development is a new way to think about personal and group mindset. That new way is a transformative mindset that frees you to all that life has to offer. Supporting a transformative mindset begins with a new way to think about mindset itself.


Ted Case is the creator of 10,000 YEAR Thinking®, a systematic way of supporting and optimizing a transformative mindset.

Begin right now to learn and use 10,000 YEAR Thinking in order to support a mindset that has you and your teams at your best in every situation. Sign up for my free blog (


What Ted’s Clients Have To Say

The Creative Culture Retreat is the perfect primer for any strategic planning endeavor. Abby and Ted artfully guide you around mental roadblocks and towards a creative thinking space. You’ll leave the retreat being keenly aware of new possibilities

Kimberly Lyle, Assoc. Director for Data and Operations –
Center for Co-op and Professional Advancement, Northeastern University School of Law

We had positive conversations with people who felt your words encouraging them to tap into their own sense of creativity very profound. You are justified in feeling very proud of your role in the success of the Second Annual Founder’s Day in Auburn, N.Y.

Michael Quill, Mayor
Auburn, N.Y.

I just heard from all the members at Mile High Sales Professionals that your presentation was one of the best we have had in years. All the participants raved about how you got them to take action and stick with their plan. And they are still raving a week later!!!! Wow!

Linda Rhea
Mile High Sales Professionals

“. . . your mentorship has never left us.

We are forever changed and grateful to you for what we learned from you and not a week goes by that we aren’t talking about you or your model for some reason.”

Jessica B, Co-owner, Empower Personalized Fitness