Expanding Dynamics

Expanding Dynamics is a company that creates and offers programs designed to enhance individual and group: creativity; achievement; and renewal. Our goal is an optimal experience for leaders and all members of an entrepreneurial team.

Ted Case

Ted Case is the founder of Expanding Dynamics and creator of the 10,000 Year Thinking® programs, whose mission is to develop expansive leadership and teamwork. Ted’s 10,000 Year Thinking programs are all based on his Natural Cycle of Experience model that is the result of over 20 years of research and development on the subject of personal and group guidance.

Working with both leadership and teams, his mission for clients is two-fold: first, to provide education and coaching that provides a solid foundation for personal and group leadership and second, to support and optimize that leadership in organizational environments that are oriented toward creative and transformational experiences.

After 25 years owning and operating businesses in the food industry, Ted has spent the last 15 years coaching and training business leaders and entrepreneurial teams. During that time, he developed his own unique approach to developing human potential based on supporting natural self-guidance. As creator of the 10,000 Year Thinking programs, Ted is a cutting edge leader in human dynamics. His Natural Cycle of Experience model is the first practical shift in thinking since the time of Galileo (often called the father of science).

Ted’s clients have been diverse from: start-up or expanding entrepreneurs; to state and local economic development agencies in places like Colorado and Auburn, New York; to Law School Admissions departments creating entrepreneurial teams such as the Northeastern University School of Law and others; to multi-million dollar net worth individuals developing personal missions.

He has shared the stage with Oscar nominee, Sigourney Weaver, fortune 100 consultants, multi-million dollar business builders and other expansive minded people – people seeking new, cutting edge strategies and practices in developing individual and group effectiveness. Ted’s cutting edge events, programs and private coaching have made him a valuable asset to his clients in a wide variety of industries.

While Ted’s clients are varied, they share a common challenge: the Dream is big, fear is the challenge.