Entrepreneurial Team

Creative Culture Retreat
Entrepreneurial Team Development

The intention of this retreat is to provide a foundation language, process and tools for a dynamic team, whose mission includes change as the result of: organizational restructuring; changes in the market place; and/or a desire for more effective focus and creativity.

A new language, cutting edge information on human behavior and synchronized mindset will all be covered in the workshop as a foundation for dynamic and sustainable team evolution.

By the end of this Retreat, participants know the fundamentals of synchronizing team meetings and team development processes. They will also have a new way to think about their organizational goals that integrates with their personal goals making their job more meaningful, and communication with others more productive. And, finally, they will be able to tap into their individual and team potential in a new way that provides the organization with more value from their potentially most productive resources, their human resources.

  • Time investment: basic program is an all day retreat on or off site.
  • Fee investment: $4,800 (maximum 15 participants for this workshop)
  • Customized programs with larger groups are available.
Entrepreneurial Leadership for a Transformative Culture
Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching

Intention: The intention of this coaching program is to provide leaders with education and support in leading an entrepreneurial team or organization using the model taught in the Creative Culture Retreat.

The coaching process will address beliefs and attitudes about optimal human behavior and how individuals and the teams are naturally guided. It is designed to support and optimize that natural guidance process. The program will support the leader in: holding team meetings; providing feedback to individuals; handling fear and resistance; and sustaining effective guidance especially during challenging times. A natural outcome of the coaching process will be the use of a new way to think about how people are effectively guided and a new language that is naturally instrumental in that guidance.

  • Time/Cost: a custom proposal is developed in order to address the specific intentions and challenges of the leader and team.
  • this program can work alone, however, it is most useful when combined with a Creative Culture Retreat so that leader and team are using the same foundation strategy and language.

The Creative Culture Retreat showed me a system of operating and making decisions that is dynamic and deceptively simple. It gave my colleagues and me a fresh angle on the meaning and larger goals of our work, but also a set of concrete tools and methods for achieving and renewing those goals. I came out of the session energized and inspired, and I wish the whole school would use it. I believe that any organization embracing this approach would increase employee engagement and meet its goals more successfully.

Caitlin Fitz Gerald Data Coordinator, Center for Co-op and Professional Advancement Northeastern University School of Law