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Entrepreneurial intention: “to freely engage in the best that life has to offer”

Entrepreneurial Excellence

 High Level Access and Coaching With Ted Case

Intention: in this program Ted will coach you using his cutting edge systematic approach to personal and group mindset with a focus in: strategic thinking, team development and supporting change. It is especially useful for people starting a new business or a new business initiative. Ted has space for a limited number of clients.

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Cultural intention: “be able to say, this is a great place to work”

Transformative By Nature™

 Maintain a Team With an Entrepreneurial Edge


Sustaining an energetic, dynamic culture can be a challenge as organizations establish formal systems. The relationship between transformative energy and the potentially restrictive formal systems of a professionally managed organization is critical to the evolution of the business. As Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric said, “You must be profoundly convinced that the company must transform itself – that it’s a matter of life or death – because when you start the play, you will immediately get pushback.”


Transformative By Nature™ Seminars and Coaching have as their foundation intention: an organizational culture that has people saying about their experience, this is a great place to work. Sustaining that feeling about work has to do with cultural mindset especially with regard to change, and has impact in areas such as: the presence of fresh new energy and ideas; quality and flow of work; sense of reward; development of satisfying relationships; and resistance to change.

Our seminars and coaching are designed to support and optimize a healthy mindset relative to a satisfying cultural experience in an organization. In particular, we focus on the meetings environment as a hub of communication that establishes the relationship between transformative initiatives and existing systems, and thereby largely engenders the cultural experience.

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I have had the benefit of being coached by some of the greatest business, personal and Spiritual growth teachers throughout my life. Ted, has consistently been one of the best coaches, teachers, advisors I have experienced. He is smart, reliable and brings a wealth of practical experience in addressing my different needs to succeed.” Laurence Freedom, CEO Living Beyond Institute